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The landscape

The landscape

A green corridor beside Pamplona’s riverbanks.

The Pamplona Riverside Park, more than 17 kilometres set between water and vegetation, passes city walls, historical bridges and footbridges, parks, dams and mills, farms and market gardens, picnic areas, quays, angling areas, a fronton, an Environmental Education Museum and the Corral which houses the bulls for the San Fermin fiesta.

The meanders of the Arga approach and wander away from the city walls, running under Pamplona's main historical bridges: Magdalena, San Pedro, Rochapea and Santa Engracia.

The walk along its banks runs parallel to the watercourse and passes sports areas frequented by walkers, cyclists, rowers and anglers, not to mention peaceful spots of great beauty.

Recuperated autochthonous flora and the country-like surroundings of market gardens and farmland stand in contract to the nearby urban environment. The autochthonous flora consists of ash, willow, alder, lime trees and blackthorns, which live side-by-side with a wide range of fauna in the form of terrapins, fish and ducks, among others.

Its one million square metres make it the vast green lung of the city of Pamplona.

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