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River Arga: Section of La Magdalena

The path in the section of La Magdalena

Larraintzar - Bridge of La Magdalena

Following the course of the river, this is the first stretch of the Park. It consists of an entire meander and ends at the Bridge of La Magdalena.

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Club Natación Pamplona (the Pamplona Swimming Club)

Dates back to the 1930’s. In 1931, a group of friends who used to swim in the River Arga near to the Caparroso Mill decided to section off a bathing area in order to prevent public disorder. And so, Club Natación Pamplona (the Pamplona Swimming Club) was born. After the Spanish Civil War, the basic facilities were extended and also catered for other sports activities, shaping the club as we know it today. As is only to be expected, the Club has played an important role when it comes to supporting Navarre’s swimmers. Since the 50’s, the Swimming Club has organised dances with live music which have become one of the main features of the San Fermin fiestas.

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