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River Arga: Section of La Magdalena

The path in the section of La Magdalena

Larraintzar - Bridge of La Magdalena

Following the course of the river, this is the first stretch of the Park. It consists of an entire meander and ends at the Bridge of La Magdalena.

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Footbridge of Swimming Club

In order to lend continuity to pedestrian traffic on the left-hand bank of the river along the meander of La Magdalena and through an agreement between the Council and the Swimming Club, a connection between the two sides of the river has been built at the sports facilities in the form of a new footbridge. There is enough room under the footbridge for walkers to pass underneath, thereby continuing the riverside walk along the river bank without breaking its course.

The footbridge is 51.2-m long and 3.7-m wide. Its structure consists of a mixed central girder made of carbon-fibre reinforced steel sheeting with a U-shaped section. The floor and the inside walls are lined with ipe wood, creating a warm effect and there is built-in vertical lighting spaced out over the length of the walkway. The underside is lit up at night with a spotlight with a faint blue light which highlights the diamond point, a historical landmark as this was where the second Pamplona swimming championships took place and was also where the tree trunks which were floated down the river arrived and were diverted into a parallel channel.

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