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River Arga: Aranzadi Section

The path in the Aranzadi section

Bridge of La Magdalena - Bridge of San Pedro

The landscape in this section of the Park is more urban and further away from the city walls.

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Bridge of San Pedro

This bridge was previously known as the Bridge of San Pedro de Ribas. It is located on Calle de El Vergel and joins the San Pedro district with the higher part of the city. It could be a stone bridge of Roman origin, but altered in Mediaeval times to its current form. It has three semi-circular spans. Next to the bridge, there is a stone cross identical to the one next to the Bridge of Santa Engracia. It may well be the oldest bridge in Pamplona, replacing the only bridge which crossed the Arga until the Middle Ages. Those who defend this idea base their arguments on its style and the fact that there is no other bridge similar to it in the city. The Bridges of Miluce and La Magdalena are considered more recent and there are only supposed to have been two bridges in Mediaeval times, one over the Arga and another over the Sadar.

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